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EMBL Alumni Association - New Registration

Please complete the following fields and click the "submit registration" button at the bottom of this form.
Please note that you have to have been at EMBL for a minimum of three months to register with the Alumni Association.

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Predocs who held a postdoc bridging contract before leaving EMBL, should select "Scientific-Predoctoral Fellows" here and list "postdoctoral fellows" in "Additional Positions at EMBL" below.

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3. For Faculty Members Only

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4. For Members of the EMBL International PhD Programme (EIPP) only

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5. Additional Information

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6. Publications

Newsletter (by e-mail)
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Annual Report (hardcopy) - sent to EMBL member states only
EMBL Research at a Glance (by e-mail)
EMBL Research at a Glance (hardcopy) - sent to EMBL member states only
Science in School (by e-mail)
Press Releases (by e-mail)
PhD Poster (hardcopy)
EMBO e-newsletters
EMBO e-newsletters include
  • EMBOencounters
  • information about EMBO Courses & Workshops
  • The EMBO Meeting

7. Data Display

Your name and current affiliation will be available on the:

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Your picture will be displayed (when this feature is available) on the:

EMBL intranet and alumni directory
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EMBL reserves the right to up-date your contact information, where this is known.